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dumb music stuff


Sorry if I don't respond to you guys today-- 

2 deviants said dont touch me im pissy
1 deviant said I'm just really exhausted today
1 deviant said Sub in choir today let this one guy put on pop music
1 deviant said I think it honestly ruined my day
No deviants said like, really bad music, played just at the right volume so that you could maybe try to concentrate on something else but not really
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Design Commissions and custom adoptables at TankerFishyGalAdopts!

For simple coloring
Chalk by beeZahFire Kisses by beeZah
I'd say 10-30 points depending on detail.

For sloppy coloring
aAAH by beeZah
maybe 15-30 points

Just lineart
cutest of illuminati symbols by beeZah

Stylization Practice by beeZahOh, I know LOTS of things! by beeZah

Extrasensory by beeZahSwaygrance by beeZah
50 - 500, since I put lots of time with that stuff.

Stupid Demon Triangle by beeZahPike by beeZah
20 - 70, depending how large

Hotaru the Lotad by beeZah
25 set price because I can't animate and an new at this.

Simple loop animation
40 flat price because I am new at this

Selling my characters for cheap! :D

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 21, 2014, 8:51 PM
Hobbiest Traditional Artist

Comment Skin

I only really use like 4, and I like my thingies organized and sparkle clean so like
But I also want to give them to a nice home, so every bid must come with a quick sketchy! I don't care about quality, any ugly scribble or beautiful masterpiece will do!

Marend Re-do by beeZah 10 points~

-UPDATE- Radio waves concept by beeZahGamma Revamp by beeZahSlick Ref by beeZahEdge Ref by beeZahSoar Ref Sheet by beeZahTiny ref by beeZah
10 points each or 50 for all

Oh Geez, What is this-- by beeZah Now owned by Neegasai 

Sparrowsong Ref. Sheet by beeZah Redstripe Ref. Sheet by beeZahThe Good Ol' Days by beeZah
really old, adorably-bad kitties!
4 points each or 10 for all~

-UP FOR SALE- Trinket by beeZah oh man World of Gumball OC. 3 puntos

Overbite by beeZah Now owned by Neegasai 

That One Dragon from That One Short I Wrote by beeZah I can't even 1 point

And if you guys wanna buy anything else outta my designs folder, just ask, yo!

I think I only have like
four actually active OCs
Letsee, we got Rapsnae, Dar-- I mean Void, Eku (griffon I never draw), and <3 (murderbat)

I also realized I almost always make male characters and designs. Like, if you went over to my adopts account and personally asked me which ones were male/female, 85% would be male. 

I actually realized that a pretty long time ago, but was pretty uncomfortable with the fact for some reason.
I think that's why I didn't draw much of Void for quite a while, and maybe also why I can never draw him just quite right. he pretty personal, yo
I'm gonna go pretty deep into them now just for funsies

Raptorsnake is like the part of me that never wants to grow up. Fun-loving, wants to explore the world, is surprisingly smart, but doesn't show it, loves children and to laugh and play and climb and watch the sun rise and set. He is naive and knows it and embraces it, but at the same time would love to know everything about everything ever. He's my insatiable curiosity, the more fun part, the part I show to most people, the part I'm more comfortable with.
Void is the more secluded part of me. Introverted, quiet, listening but rarely speaking, nervous, uncomfortable, perfectly fine staying in on the weekends, almost never extremely angry or sad, but when he is, it just sort of oozes out uncontrollably. He is afraid to speak up. He is afraid of what troubles lie ahead of him, and tries to bury himself in the now to make them seem like they're gone. And, though introverted, he almost always feels alone.
Don't take these characters too literally, though, guys! I'm not actually a snake or have a long-lost spouse.

pretty deep, yo.
Anyways, how do you guys think your characters reflect you, if in any way?

- the beeZ

is smrat

Icon credit to @Alex-Virtuoso


Hey I'm beeZah and I hate anime but love pokemon??
Hey I'm beeZah and I'm a lovely lady
Hey I'm beeZah and have no serious mental instabilities!
Hey I'm beeZah and love me some reptiles~

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moving images are best images



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Bunni89 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
what is that awesome gif with the boxes versus box man
(1 Reply)
firebreather2536 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I could be as creative as you...
(1 Reply)
Bunni89 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Faux-scientific explanation of potion head newt:
its like... zombie newt risen from necromancy or whatever
cos its organs are dead it can't digest food properly
so like.. the potion takes the place of all stomach functions
and its like a fly- it has to barf dissolvey liquid on its food before swallowing it
and it wastes huge amounts of this acid spit every time it hunts for food, and it has to just sit around staring at a wet rat for hours waiting til it melts and becomes edible
so there's these headless newts bumbling around trying to eat stuff in this inneficient way, and necromancers are like NUU I SHALL HELP YOU, LITTLE FELLA
so they put bottles on their neck stump to hold the potion saliva stuff
and now they can just put food in the bottle and digest it normally as if they had a stomach for a face
also somehow their saliva is like.. the seat of their entire conciousness
they don't have a brain or anything but the potion takes over for that
and like..
if they lose it all then their body just keels over again until someone gathers the spit and puts it back in
spit power
i don't even know what i'm talking about anymore
i suck at rational sci fi biology monsters
it just ends up being magic-y anyway XD
(1 Reply)
Willberr Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
I dig your style man
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behmchannel123 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hello people: D

you sure are wondering what the link is?
I have uploaded in full length on youtube recently, the 16 Naruto Shippuuden Opening. I would like to test how fast can grow a video on Youtube. But I can not do alone, I beg of you, who want to help me, click the link to as many times as possible or possibly share my survey on.

That would be really great and maybe here can enjoy one or the other anime-fan also. ;)


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