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Starting now, any sort of thanking for favorites or llamas or such will result in gibberish and/or annoying chain mail. THANKS FER VISTIN'.

or maybe an interview for funsies
Bodyshot by beeZah

Describe yourself in one sentence. 
Well, uh, not exactly perfect, I suppose.

What do you think is your best quality?
None are really coming to me right now...

If you were able to change any of your traits, what would it be?
Ahaha... what a selection...
I wish I could be better with people a lot of times, I guess.

Now describe your teammate(s) in one sentence each.
Ah... gone?

Do you think you make friends easily?
N-not very much, no-- I-- I try--
A lot of the time I just don't have the energy.

Are you content with your life in general?
Haha... tough question... I'd rather not answer, actually. If, If that's alright.

What are your feelings about your family?
They were pretty nice. When, ah, when they were alive, that is. I don't grieve for them-- not that they were bad, it's, it's--
aheh, I-- I'm sure you understand by now...

How were you educated?
Well, uh, once I died, they took me in and explained that I could apply to work or be recycled;
and they seemed to be needing workers, and, of--of course I'd always like to be useful to a, uh, a higher cause and such...
Any, anyways I was mentored wih-- with a few others by an older woman I seem to have forgotten her name-- I believe it started with an M? ahh... until the, ah, the Director passed... and then, then of course they came to me to see if I would apply-- something about work ethic I, I think...
ah, sorry, I trailed a bit...

What is your favorite hobby?
Wh-- well, I don't have many. There's--s--s too much work to, to-- f, for free time, that is, eheh...

What career do you hope to pursue in the future?
...future? I'm not sure that I'd be anywhere but here, actu-- re, really! Anywhere I can help is perfect! Per, perfect...

What sort of religion do you belong to, if any?
Oh, ahaheheh.
That's clever. Very, ah, very cute.
It, it, that is-- it was a joke, right?

How good is your sense of direction?
Well, ah, my, uh, wife had always said I was good with remembering directions and streets and such, but, uh, she'd always be better with, with the generalities.

As of now, what do you think is your greatest regret?

It's quite personal, I'd rather not, uh...

Describe the strangest dream you’ve ever had.
Drea, dream?
I haven't getting much of those for a while, I, uh, I suppose.

I, I'm sorry, this must be so boring for you-- I don't mean to be so, so, ah, that is--
sorr, sorry. 

What is something you do that others may consider odd?
Oh, ah, yes! Some of my co workers find it unusual that I don't often take vacations from my work! I find that my work is my vacation, th, though, aheheh...

How often do you seen your grandparents?
I've never seen them, actually. They'd all died before my soul was even created, I believe.
They wouldn't like to see me, any, anyways, I'm su--re--

What are some of your pet peeves?
I, I don't think I have any... at least none come to mind... besides some culture things on Earth... food waste, may--maybe..

In battle, would you be willing to take a hit for any of your teammates?
A, a hit?
Well, I find in any sort of fast-paced fighting, the actions you make are not very often yours. You're not allowed to think about these things in,ah, in "battle."

Do you think any of your teammates would take a hit for you?
Ahaha, I'd hope they wouldn't, I don't think I'd be worth any sort of hit... hit-taking.

What physical weaknesses do you believe you have?
Wh, I, I, I, I am not, um, not right now exact, ctly the most... that is the best exactly I have been...
Not, ah,
not the best...

Do you consider yourself to be a risk-taker?
any risks I take might hurt many others, you know, everything is so random, it's hard to, to, ah, ever tell a lot of the time... th-- that is...

Have you ever killed or come close to killing anyone else?
I... I've had to take responsibilities for, for rather poor decisions on my behalf that have taken, taken more than a few lives--
I, ah, that is, hope to have learned more, uh, m, more since then, of c--course!

What is your earliest memory?
Ah, I remember a few blurry snap-shots of my mother and mate back, back from when I was alive and, and mortal, that is.
A few happier days, ehehe...

Share a favorite moment from your childhood.
I, ah, duh-- don't think I can reach that far back, ahahehe...

Can you cook?
Oh, uh, I've been told I can make good dough, I, um, believe. Dumplings, pasta, bread, lots of different doughs... 
Though, I, I haven't tried that in a while, ahm...

What qualities would you look for in a potential mate?
Juh, I, wh-- 0////0"
I d, don't have the option of picking very, very off, often!

Do you think you work well under pressure?
Well, ahahe, we all think we do, don't we? 

Do you prefer to interact with large groups of people or small?
Preference? I don't think it matter, matters too much, ah, either way I'm, I'm quite the, the train-wreck, ahehe...

What does it take to get you smiling?
You... wh... I, I, uh, that is--
*goes stiff*

When was the last time you cried?
...wh, why would you ask that?

When you aren’t out at work or doing class assignments, how do you like to spend your day?
Ah, I used to exercise n, and be, try to be active, but, uh, now, I mostly, try to catch up on sleep, eheh--
I tend to miss out on a lot of that, some, somehow, ah... 

Who do you think has been the most inspirational person in your life?
I couldn't name all of them, if, if I tried, ahaha...

What do you think you might be doing ten years from now?
Ehehe, I'd rather not try to reach that far into the future, for, uh, for me.
I, uh, doing the same thing, anyways--s.

If you had to choose who to marry right here and now, who would it be?
haha, I'm, I'm taken, currently, actually, ahahah.

What is one motto that you think you live your life by?
I'd, I always try to, ah, live to work, and not work to live! 
I find the, the, uh, that saying helps me a, quite a lot.

*feel free to leave your own questions in the comments, if ya want :U

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